Monday Quick Hits

Life has been crazy the last few weeks… I haven’t disappeared yet…

Quick Updates:

  • Still in school… trying to knock out this UI/UX class before it knocks me out.
  • Have 40 more episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation to go and then I’ll head over to Deep Space 9.
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is very quickly overtaking the other series as my all-time favorite. The actors and especially the writers are on point with the show.
  • Foundation is pretty solid so far… when this season is over with I may go back and watch Season 1 and 2 over binge style.
  • I literally cried quietly at work today… nothing bad… actually really good. We had a food drive for the month of July and after thinking my team wasn’t going to show up they did at the last minute and crushed the goal (pulverized it really). A lot of individuals and families will get some help in the coming months. As someone who has been on the receiving end of charity organizations when I was young it definitely hit the spot. I’ve already set a goal for myself to set aside money from my paychecks to go to next year’s food drive (or sooner if a need pops up in the community).
  • Won’t say much about my family’s health but it’s a shame how piss poor the medical system is in parts of North Carolina (specifically Eastern NC).