Penniless vs Bitter - I’ll take Penniless

Came across this gem on Hacker News this morning.

The funny thing is when I turned 40 in the gracious year of 2020, I re-read Don Quixote just as Austin Kleon did, but I didn’t associate it at the time with a mid-life crisis. However, amid a self-described midlife “evaluation,” I can see the correlation.

Kleon quotes Higgs with the most transparent advice I’ve come upon in a long time-

You should never waste your midlife crisis. You can do great things with a midlife crisis. If you just waste it on like a car, it’s just a lack of imagination. Mine was the decision to write books and attempt to make a living there.

The options seemed to be: If I went for it, I’d be penniless, and if I didn’t go for it, I’d be bitter. I’d be bitter going forward. Penniless certainly beats bitter. So I made the decision. And that was ten years ago! And I’m still going.

  • John Higgs

Now I’m must explore the writing’s of Austin Kleon and John Higgs

Seems like I always find the good stuff when I look around one more time right before bed.